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March 04 2015


Kim Kardashian Taking Piano Instructions With Famed Pianist Oksana Kolesnikova

> Please utilize an assisted version advantageous MSN encounter. Kim Kardashian Taking Piano Courses With Famed Pianist Oksana Kolesnikova Gossip Cop By Shari Weiss Matt Baron/BEImages/Rex U.S.A Kim Kardashian Taking Piano Lessons With Famed Pianist Oksana Kolesnikova Kim Kardashian is getting back right into songs, however the good news is shes not taping a follow-up to Jam (Turn It Up). As an alternative, Kardashian is going the classic course as well as taking piano lessons with renowned pianist Oksana Kolesnikova. Kardashian lately revealed her secret leisure activity on Twitter, creating just before the Academy Honors, Just finished my piano lesson in time to view the Oscars red carpet!!! She included, Im visiting delight Kanye by learning one of his tunes! Hes hardly on social media so he wont recognize Im tweeting this lol. Baseding on TMZ, the reality superstar started collaborating with Kolesnikova after a recommendation from Babyface, a performer referred to as much for his vocals as his ability with tools. Kolesnikova, which was born in Russia and also relocated to the United States as a teenager, has actually launched eight albums for many years, as well as had a regular job at the Polo Lounge in The Beverly Hills Hotel for seven years. Kolesnikova is additionally the owner of the Oksana School of Songs in Los Angeles. The composer tells TMZ shes asked Kardashian to play at a recital for pupils in May, as well as the celebrity is apparently working on an unique track to display her to her family. Kardashians piano passion dates back to her childhood, when she utilized to see her father, the late Robert Kardashian, please the ivories.

Associated post: http://vipcorner.blog.com.es/2014/02/26/kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-set-wedding-date-17819930/

February 16 2015


Tv Guide - Kim Kardashian Cuts Off Her Signature Locks " See Her New Look! - News - Star Courier - Kewanee, Il - Kewanee, Il

email Kim Kardashian debuted a new look on Instagram Friday.The reality star cut off her long, signature locks for a stylish, shoulder-length bob. "I cut my hair short today," ... Comment Posted Feb. 7, 2015 at 10:05 AM By TV Guide Posted Feb. 7, 2015 at 10:05 AM Social News Kim Kardashian debuted a new look on Instagram Friday. The reality star cut off her long, signature locks for a stylish, shoulder-length bob. "I cut my hair short today," Kardashian wrote on Instagram.

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January 30 2015


Kim Kardashian 'really Trying' For More Kids - Yahoo News

PHOTOS: The Many Men Of Kim Kardashian The proud mom also revealed that she is currently in the process of potty training 19-month-old North, and that her daughter is "so smart." "She is halfway potty trained, which is insane for her age," she told the mag. "Last night she looked up at the sky and pointed and said, 'Moon, Mom! Moon!' I couldnt believe she knew that." As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com , the reality beauty will be seen in a funny Super Bowl ad this weekend for T-Mobile, which she debuted on "Conan" on Monday night. "Hi, I'm Kim," she said, while sporting a black suit that exposed her midriff. "Each month, millions of gigs of unused data are taken back by wireless companies. Tragic.

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January 09 2015


Kim Kardashian Separation: Kim Furious At Kanye West For Not Protecting Her During Charlie Luster's Tirade

> Your public likes u. offer something back or go f on your own. My apologies to your hubby, terrific individual Im sure, I wish his vision returns eventually. The rant supposedly touched a nerve with Kim Kardashian, though not a lot the words themselves. Superstar Dirty Washing stated that Kim raged at other half Kanye for not coming to her defense. Kim Kardashian and also Kanye West have encountered growing separation rumors, with sources claiming the couple scarcely invests at any time with each other and could be prepping to component completely. Kanye even skipped out on Christmas with the Kardashian family members, a source informed Radar Online. Despite the fact that Xmas is a time for family, Kanye does not intend to invest the holiday with Kims family at Kris house.

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January 01 2015


Kim Kardashian Discusses Scott Disick's New Home, Slams Rumors That She's Expectant And Also Having Troubles With Kanye West|e! Online

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) January 1, 2015 No I'm not pregnant. Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) January 1, 2015 Kanye & I are not having marriage problems. Were literally obsessed with each other! Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) January 1, 2015 Scott did NOT buy a bachelor pad in Bev Hills. He is starting a new business venture buying homes & renovating them to re-sell. Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) January 1, 2015 *we're. so used to spell check on my phone fixing it. lo siento Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) January 1, 2015 thats all i can think of for now xo Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) January 1, 2015 The Wests are cooking, watching movies and just relaxing tonight. Best way to ring in the new year!

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December 31 2014


Kim Kardashian "upset" Because She Can't Get Pregnant Again

Kim has been to several fertility specialists, who have all informed her that conceiving a little brother or sister for their 1-year-old daughter North Westis unlikely. According to TMZ : Kim has been to fertility doctors, but theyve made it clear having another baby is a long shot. Turns out North West was a miracle baby she had 3 specialists tell her she couldnt get pregnant before North was conceived. Kim and Kanye assumed the second baby would be easier since it worked once, but the doctors are telling her thats not the case. Were told Kim is trying to reduce her stress and cut down on traveling per doctors advice.Were told Kanye has been to almost every doctors visit Kim goes once a month. Maybe Kim and Kanye should give up the whole 2nd baby thing for a little while and just be happy that they were able to have North.

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December 16 2014


Kim Kardashian's Holiday Plans: 1 Present For North? - Yahoo News

7 hours ago Kim Kardashian and North seen on Instagram November 19, 2014 -- Instagram Kim Kardashian and a low-key Christmas, say it ain't so! According to a new interview with E! , the reality star not known for doing understated things may only be getting daughter North just one Christmas present!? "We have something special that we have at our new house for her that we're going to give her on Christmas," Kim said, seemingly referring to a singular gift granted it could be a pony with a diamond-studded saddle that lives in its own stable with a staff! In fact, when it comes to going over the top with gifts for North, Kim leans on the rest of the Kardashian clan. "I try not to go overboard. I let everyone else spoil her," she continued. North's aunt Khloe told E!

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Kim Kardashian's Holiday Plans: 1 Present For North? - Yahoo News

7 hours ago Kim Kardashian and North seen on Instagram November 19, 2014 -- Instagram Kim Kardashian and a low-key Christmas, say it ain't so! According to a new interview with E! , the reality star not known for doing understated things may only be getting daughter North just one Christmas present!? "We have something special that we have at our new house for her that we're going to give her on Christmas," Kim said, seemingly referring to a singular gift granted it could be a pony with a diamond-studded saddle that lives in its own stable with a staff! In fact, when it comes to going over the top with gifts for North, Kim leans on the rest of the Kardashian clan. "I try not to go overboard. I let everyone else spoil her," she continued. North's aunt Khloe told E! that shopping for North can be a little daunting.

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December 15 2014


Kim Kardashian Says She Wants A Flat Butt | Video | Popsugar Celebrity

Cat Flicking Paper | Video Kim makes the confession in a new clip from Sunday's episode of Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons. Before making her impressive booty the topic of conversation, Kim said her sister Khloe Kardashian's "ass is so big . . . like, she's got to like lose a couple pounds." Scott Disick, who was joined by Kourtney Kardashian, couldn't help but express how much Kim's statement surprised him: "What? You guys are famous for big butts!

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November 28 2014


Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Divorce Rumors: Kris Jenner Forbids Split, Source Says

Kim Kardashian She famously divorced ex-husband Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage, and many speculated she and West would suffer the same fate. Some thought a third divorce was a strong possibility since she was seen visiting her divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser, Nov. 11, according to MediaTakeOut.com . A different story claimed the fashionista, 34, was upset with West for using corporal punishment to reprimand daughter North West, but Gossip Cop reported that rumor was false. Either way, another failed marriage is something her mother apparently thinks Kardashian cant endure. So even though Jenner and West apparently clash, Jenner wants her daughter to stay with West.

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November 03 2014


Kim Kardashian Hairstyle: Kim Displays Gorgeous New Style

(img src='http://i.imgur.com/eqeSyDo.jpg' size='200px' style='float: left; padding:5 px' />) Kim Kardashians new hairstyle is in fact an excellent one. She didnt go blonde, shes not rocking braided cornrows, she just took a little off the bottom at her most recent trim, which appears to soften her face a little bit. Recently, Kim mentioned to Womens Wear Daily the keys of her hair regimen, which may not be exactly what followers expected. I start out the initial day with a clean blowout. The second day, I put in completely dry shampoo, which includes texture. Then, the third day, I sleek it as well as I straighten it, and then, the fourth day, I place our oil in it, as well as I make it a really sleek look. I could do a ponytail or a sleek bun. Thats my hair strategy, and afterwards I start over, Kardashian specified. Kim Kardashians hairstyle will likely assist her program a little bit as shes gone shorter, and wont have as much hair to take care of, and as a brand-new mom the truth TV celebrity could likely utilize as much aid as possible.

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October 26 2014


Kim Kardashian Reveals That Brother Rob Skipped Out On Her Wedding Via E-mail  - Yahoo News

PHOTOS: The Many Men Of Kim Kardashian "I just thought, 'You know what, this is my day, I'm not even going to worry about it. I hope he's OK,'" Kim told host Any Cohen. "I totally understand that he wouldn't want to see a lot of people if he was feeling uncomfortable and you can only pray and wish that someone would not miss out on more memories in life, because life is about memories, so fix the problem. That's just how I am." Earlier in the show, Kim was asked why she comes off as being "non-empathetic" towards her brother on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." "My brother and I are so close, he's one of my best friends," she said. "I'm definitely a tough love kind of person. If i don't like something that's going on in my life, I change it, and I dont sit and complain about it for a year. Adding, "I try to encourage him, and once you don't make that change for so long, and it's not happening, I get frustrated. My patience runs out." -- Jesse Spero Copyright 2014 by NBC Universal, Inc . All rights reserved.

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October 10 2014


Kim Kardashian Takes Cue From Khloé's Fitness Program, Says She" Actually Can Not Stroll" After Exercise|e! Online

> Say goodbye to excuses. My child is 1 years of ages! UGH,"" she wrote."" I'm not gon na call it child weight bc that's a reason. I just put on weight & & that's it. Why is it so much tougher to shed after baby assumed! "" Do any one of u moms view their bodies just not the same?"" she continued. "" A various form? Ughhh my hips & & butt are big now!

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October 09 2014


Kim Kardashian App Takes Over Epa's Twitter Account - Us Weekly

It seems even government agencies are defenseless against the reality TV star's mega powers, after the nation's Environmental Protection Agencys Office of Water declared itself to be a "C-list celebrity" in Kardashian's online world. PHOTOS: Kim's best booty moments The EPA Water office posted a bizarre tweet from their account @EPAwater on the evening on Monday, July 21, instantly setting the internet abuzz with the announcement, "I'm now a C-List celebrity in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Come join me and become famous too by playing on iPhone!" PHOTOS: Kim's beloved baby Nori The twitter feed, which usually gives updates on the U.S. government's latest bid to protect the country's clean water and shares stories of pollution issues, became a instant internet sensation with the rogue post receiving over 3,000 re-tweets in a couple of hours. PHOTOS: Kim's bikini selfies EPA Water twitter feed readers speculated as to the cause of the errant tweet: had the account been hacked or had an absent minded employee tweeted a personal message from the government agency account by mistake? The water office did not respond to media requests for comment but after nearly 3 hours, the tweet was removed. PHOTOS: Kim's impressive post-baby body Fans of the evening's entertainment were imploring the EPA to ensure no heads rolled for the error. One fan tweeted, "@EPAwater I really hope no one gets fired for this because it is beautiful and made me laugh for hours." Others were a little more scathing of the EPA's gaffe. "Congrats @EPAwater on your Kardashian game success.

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September 15 2014


Kim Kardashian Surges In The Mobile App Market - I4u News

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood iOS App The in-app purchase mechanics of this product are demonically seductive not even Clash of Clans had an early performance like this. And Kardashian presumably appeals to a muchnarrower demographic than giants like Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga do. In fact, its an app thats almost exclusively for young women in an industry where blockbuster products are built to appeal to both sexes or to have a clearly male-oriented pitch. What is going on here? It is possible that a big part of the success, sadly, stems from the fact that there are relatively few apps out there that openly appeal to female consumers. Its true that Candy Crush, Pet Rescue Saga and Hay Day have clearly an eye on women. But they are popular among both sexes, while a ton of clearly male-oriented games from Game of War to Boom Beach hold prominent app chart positions.

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August 31 2014


Demi Lovato: Kim Kardashian's Body Inspires Women - Yahoo News

PHOTO: Demi Lovato: Over The Years "The very first time that I ever went to the VMAS and I just looked so bony and fragile and unhappy. Yes, I was at the VMAs and I was 16 and I was having an incredible time, but at the same time I was miserable," she said when asked about a recent montage she posted on Instagram of herself over the years at the VMAs. "I look back at that and I think you know what, I may have been thinner, but I am so happy that I am healthy today and I have curves which are a lot more sexier than what I was aiming for," she told Access . "I think curves are beautiful and I feel great." Demi gives credit to her fellow curvy stars for helping to pave the way for a fuller look. PHOTOS: Reality TVs Brunette Bombshell Kim Kardashian! "When I was growing up and when I was a pre-teen, the people that I had to look up to [for] body image [were] extremely underweight [They] were all very bony at that time and that was the in thing," she said. But times have changed, and Demi welcomes it. "I really credit women like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian [they] completely revolutionized what our generation's view of perception of what beautiful is and I really think that they had a huge impact on that. You can think whatever you want about the Kardashians, but they really did help tons of women feel comfortable in their own skin and I like to carry that message on," Demi told Access .

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August 16 2014


[video] Kim Kardashian On Khloe?s Relationship With French Montana: Kim Confirms - Hollywood Life

Kim Kardashian On Khloes Relationship With French Montana: Kim Confirms Back in May, Khloes estranged husband, Lamar Odom , 34, showed up at the same West Hollywood club which Khloe and French were partying in.Not only was it an awkward situation to begin with, but it was that same night where Kim actually met French for the first time even though it seemed as if Khloe still refused to tell her sister that the two were official! It is so obvious that Khloe and French are dating, Kim reveals in a talking head on the August 17 episode. They are so cute and hes so sweet with her. All of his friends are so nice, theyre so welcoming, and its good to finally meet them all. I understand why shes hesitant on introducing anyone to the family, but if shes out and about all over the world with this guy, theres no reason she shouldnt share it with her family. Khloe Kardashian On French Montana: Im Slowly Letting Him In When Lamar shows up, French says that he would never do sh*t like that show up to another mans party. Khloe is clearly distraught, unable to keep from harping on the situation at hand. I changed my number and now hes showing up! In her talking head, Khloe reveals that she doesnt know what she would have done had Kim not been there to support her in that incredibly stressful situation. Its difficult to leave one relationship and go to another one and kind of find your way. Im slowly letting [French] in, she says.

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July 15 2014


Brody Jenner Attends Reggie Bush?s Wedding: Kim Kardashian Mad?

According to a poll taken by TMZ, 73 percent of people (based on over 100,000 votes) feel that Brodys attendance at Reggies wedding was a shot directly aimed at Kim . What do you think? Brody Jenner also made headline news last month when it was revealed that he used to date his brothers wife. In a report by The Inquisitr, readers learned that Brody and Brandons wife , Leah, had a relationship when the two were really young. Leah explained: I met Brandon through Brody. We went to school together when we were 11. Okay, 11.

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June 26 2014


Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Killer Curves (and Famous Booty!) In Nautical-themed Dress For Yacht Party | E! Online

Kim Kardashian Marc Piasecki/Getty Images Another day, another jaw-dropping look from Kim Kardashian . This time, the 33-year-old beauty turned heads while attending the Mail Online's VIP yacht party during 2014 Cannes Lions in France, where she opted to show off her killer curves in the most fitting way. Kardashian dressed for the occasion in a stunning Balmain number, which was adorned with white rope and gold detailing in order to perfectly complement the nautical theme. Her gorgeous gown, which featured a high neckline and a cinched-in waist, also put her famous figure on full display. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who attended the fete with BFF Jonathan Cheban, added a pair of added a pair of strappy gold sandals to her stunning ensemble and wore her hair in a low, slicked back ponytail. No surprise, her makeup also looked immaculate as she sported a smokey eye and a nude lip. VIDEO: Kim Kardashian shares North West birthday pic Marc Piasecki/Getty Images Kanye West 's missus arrived in Cannes just shortly after her hubby's departure. The "Blood on the Leaves" rapper gushed about his wife while speaking on the Cannes Lions' International Festival of Creativity's "Technology, Culture and Consumer Adoption: Learning to Read the Cultural Landscape" panel on Tuesday, calling Kim the "No. 1 woman in the world." And it seems that the sentiment is mutual as Kim told reporters at the bash that she and her man will "always be in the honeymoon period." "I try to treat him like it's his birthday every single day," she said.

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April 12 2014


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Wedding In France: Can They Marry There? : People.com

The Best and Worst Looks of the Week: Princess Kate in Tory Burch, Shakira at the ACM Awards and More | Kate Middleton "All marriages must be performed by a French civil authority before any religious ceremony takes place," states the government's website . "The mayor can authorize the deputy mayor or a city councilor to perform the ceremony in the town in which one of the parties to be married has resided for at least 40 days preceding the marriage. These requirements cannot be waived." Despite strict laws, it seems the couple are in the clear: West has been known to keep a luxury apartment in France the very same residence hotel whose exclusive guest membership has included Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyonce , on and off, for long stretches over the last three years. If the mayor accepts this address as a residence, it should fulfill the 40-day residency requirement, allowing the couple to wed as planned. West famously proposed to Kardashian last October with massive fanfare, renting out San Francisco's AT&T Park and hiring an orchestra to serenade the reality star as he popped the question via a large screen that flashed a message to his bride-to-be. Kim Kardashian 'Definitely' Wants More Kids

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